1. Wisconsin


Let me set the record straight
I'm not that bright.
My brains to small to keep me up at night.
Now there them's that have and them's that don't.
And somewhere in between is the rest of us folks.
Seems all we do is hustle just using all our muscle
to keep from going broke and losing our house in the shuffle.
And somethings we all know, our spider sense sees.
All around the world, they dance to corporate greed.
They hide some money here. Move it over there.
Under the Swiss mattress man this shell game ain't fair.
But who do they run to when the country goes broke.
The Middle man we sick of this joke.
Cause they're coming for the middle
Just like they did before.
They like to make you feel little
Cause it makes you give them more.
I think it's time to get freaky
And put their lies to bed.
You know it's not that easy
When they put a gun against your head.
How much do they want?
How much do they need?
How long will this go on?
They can't get enough
They just won't stop till you bleed.
Till you bleed.
Now it's the saddest thing when the lobbiest machine
Paints a poor old teacher as the villain in their scheme.
They'll laugh it up on Fox as they bust the unions up.
Next thing that you know they'll be putting you kids on the clock.
Watch those tea phonies scream as the world goes up in smoke.
Just another lap dog of the united brothers Koch.
Murdoch's on his way, the right wants you to shut your mouth
and just follow their rules.
No more education. It's on a permanent vacation.
Walker, Fox and friends are taking you back to the dark ages
Keep the sheep in line. Strip away our right.
Wisconsin in the House. Let's stand with them and fight.