1. We Are The 99

From the recording We Are The 99


We are the 99 represent
From New York to LA and every continent
You all don’t like us yo but if it’s all true
It’s a self hating fact I bet you’re 99 too
More Pepper Spray off with the gloves
All the One wants is for you to shut up
Go on hit us Low Go on hit us High
You can’t crush our spirit
For Freedom We Try

We are the 99 We are the 99
We are the 99 percent We are the 99

Doesn’t take much to break the law
Just a couple of bankers
And some wall street jaws
Take all your money then they gamble at the track
But when they lose it all
They want to make us pay them back
They’ve gone to far spreading the flames
Out with the old back with the same
Stand in line they said to BIG to FAIL
100 minus 1 let’s semd them crooks off to jail

Nowhere to run
They think that we’re done
Under their guns
Blocking the sum
We’re here to stay
We won’t go away

How much longer till the rent gets paid
Ask that politician He just got laid
Forgot all of sudden what he’s fighting for
Now he’s just your friendly little corporate Whore
We remember your faces remember your names
No sense of decency Have you no shame
Here are the facts
Now hear lie the lies
There’s nothing more left but to OCCUPY