Come on Now
My Dad's a Punk
Come on Now
My Dad's a Punk
Won't Buy me any toys
Says I'm making too much noise
Can't Hit my little brother
Can't be rude to my mother
(Bridge) Just Gimme Gimme
What I want want
Just Gimme Gimme
What I want
Just listen to me my little child
Just trying to stop you from being wild
So I'm a Punk woa
You just 5 years old
But I'm your pops yo
so just do as your told
you think I'm so mean that you'll hate me all today
But you'll thank me much later when you put me in the grave
Cause I know what it's like cause I use to be a kid
And I know you don't like when I bust the things you did
Now I'm gonna break it down so you can understand me
Stop acting like a brat or I'll toss your Disney Movies
(chorus) Waiting so Long
Waiting for Mom
Waiting So Long
Just waiting for mom
Come on Now
My dad's Punk
Can't eat my candy
Can't watch my tv
When my friends can't come over
Can't even have a sleepover
(Bridge) Just Gimme Gimme
May not be the best dad
But the one thing that I got
I control the tv so I still call the shots
You want to make a mess kid you really ought to know
That you gotta clean it up before you get to watch your shows
Now I know that you think that you get to talk back
But all that I feel is that I'm under attack
You better chill take a pill and stop your freaking out
Or I'm gonna have to put your ass in a timeout!